How to become an International Company- by Ilia Aizpuru, Jon Hernando and Roger Valls

How to become an International Company- by Ilia Aizpuru, Jon Hernando and Roger Valls

Have you ever thought about selling plies to Iraq or even selling a software to Chile? These are only some of the projects we are developing in the classroom, a real working progress system that allows us to put in practice all of our knowledge of International Marketing.

At first think about the product, maybe an iconic design chair could not be well received in Mexico due to the local low cost artisanal chairs which are already very competitive in the Mexican market.


Also, a brand´s name that works well with the public in one country may be offensive in another one, such as the car called Mitsubishi Pajero that was not well received in Spanish speaking countries for reasons we are not going to explain here.

It is also important to give the price a thought, this meaning that is not always a good idea to start off with a very reduced price because it could make you lose the market´s segment you are willing to achieve.


The example of the IPhone is one of the most relevant, since its high price has not discouraged the American society from buying it, actually it is the best seller of the smartphones in the United States.


The moment for the product to get to people´s hands has arrived, if you think you can compete with the Amazon drones, you are a genius! But there always are distribution channels that give the product a higher value.

And remember that if any of these ideas do not work, you should always communicate as best as you can. It is not all about the best product but about how you sell it.

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